Learning in a vibrant, professional environment is vital to improving your lifestyle. Your route to achieving your goals and dreams is guided by the university or school you choose. Fostering your ideas and thoughts in a top-notch academic environment enables you to broaden your perspective and choose ambitions for the future that are more audacious and powerful.

Northern Cyprus annually receives a large number of students from all over the world thanks to its high-quality, reliable, and active international schools and universities. Northern Cyprus’ schools and universities are a good choice since they offer a variety of educational options, a top-notch academic environment, a diverse range of cultures, no requirement for English proficiency documentation, and affordable tuition with a high chance of scholarship. The safety and tranquility of this island and the availability of numerous top-notch dorm options enhance the benefits of studying here.

Our team of advisers will assist you in selecting or assessing the appropriate faculty or university based on your interests and prior educational experience. With the assistance of our staff, you can also be prepared and aware of scholarship options as well as how to apply for them. Additionally, if you intend to settle down here as a family, your kids can benefit from attending an international school. We are with you step by step along this path.

Faramis family is proud to offer you the best, shortest, and most reliable way to achieve your goals and get an academic residence with the highest scholarships.

Sow your seeds, it’s going to rain…

Cyprus International University
Near East University (NEU)
Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)
University of Kyrenia
European University of Lefke (EUL)
Girne American University (GAU)
Kibris Adakent University