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It is the educational investment that the European Education Group, which has a history spanning more than three decades and has its headquarters in Istanbul with an international vision, founded in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 2015. The levels of pre-school, primary, secondary, and higher education in Istanbul are at their highest.In a short period of time, University of City Island, which has made significant contributions to the economic, scientific, social, and cultural development of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, has established a strong partnership with non-governmental organizations, private institutions, and public institutions in Famagusta, where its campus is located. This partnership has helped the university become the city’s educational and cultural hub.

With 7 faculties and 1 vocational school, University of City Island has a distinguished academic staff made up of professors from Cyprus, Turkey, and other nations. It has been providing international education for about 2 years and offers a total of 29 undergraduate and associate degree programs.

As a “University of Kent” in the truest sense, it helps students become fully integrated members of the society and the world they live in and develop into valuable adults with good interpersonal and communication skills. The University of City Island, sometimes known as “University Island,” aspires to serve as a venue where students from many cultures can mingle and forge a shared culture within the TRNC.

An organization having a global outlook is the European Education Group. In this regard, it successfully conducts research for the design and execution of educational programs as well as for the acculturation of students for study abroad.

The partnership between Kent State University in Ohio, United States of America, and the European Education Foundation, to which the European Education Group is connected, grew in 2001. The University of City Island is the best illustration of this collaboration.

The European Education Group has transferred 32 years of educational experience to Cyprus as part of its project, University of City Island. This university is evidence of the European Education Group’s intention to take a more active role in the field of international education, as it builds its institutional culture through the synthesis of academic accumulation in Turkey and Cyprus.

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